Are Rado Captain Cook Watches Worth It?


Are Rado Captain Cook Watches Worth It?

A Rado watch on the rocks

Rado Captain Cook Watches

If you’re a fan of watches, you’re likely familiar with the brand Rado. If you’re a fan of diving watches in particular, then you might know about the diving watch they released from 1962 to 1968, the Rado Captain Cook.

 A diving watch is exactly what the name suggests, a watch designed for underwater use. In the 1960s, a diving watch craze led several brands to create their own diver watch lines to meet the demand. 

One of these watches was the Rado Captain Cook, named after the famous British explorer. Only 8000 of these watches were ever produced, yet somehow there were well-loved reissues in both 2017 and 2019. 

What makes this watch special?

Let’s examine their latest release, The “Automatic ” line.

It’s an updated version of the vintage design that gives it a new lease on life while still maintaining elements from the original, such as the iconic triple-seahorse motif. The watches are carefully designed to be timeless, with an antique feel and modern functionality. Just look at the RADO Captain Cook Automatic 42mm Grey Dial Dark Brown Strap Men's Watch R32505015.

That’s the true selling point of these watches: The way that they’re thoughtfully and carefully designed. From the original, which had a stunning and durable design, to the 2017 reissue that was the perfect blend of nostalgia and functionality, to the newest launch, which introduces these watches to a whole new modern audience, the consideration behind these watches is what truly makes them unique.

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