Meet the Bering Watches: A Timepiece Built from Reliable Surgical Steel


How to Find Your Perfect Timepiece: Meet the Bering Watches

Wrist Watches are one of the most important devices in a person’s daily life. Any time-conscious individual needs one to keep track of time throughout the day. But watches have also become more than just an essential timekeeping device. Aside from telling time they can also indicate your sense of style or status and can be used to complement your total look.

White on white Bering watch for women

A Watch inspired by the Arctic

Today, we bring you stylishly sophisticated watches from Bering. These watches are named after Danish sailor Vitus Bering who discovered Alaska. It’s a marriage of remarkably hard materials and an extremely slim design. Like discovering the cold, hard, but breathtakingly beautiful arctic, having a Bering watch is knowing that you are wearing a simple, but undeniably elegant timepiece.

Sailing in the Artic - Bering

What is it made of?

Using the second most common austenitic stainless steel, Bering achieves a cosmopolitan look with a finely brushed or shiny polished stainless steel surface. The pure and high-quality stainless steel used in Bering watches is also used in medical technology.

You might think it is glass, but Bering watches actually use sapphire. It is a crystal highly regarded in the watch industry. This material is made by crystallising pure aluminium oxide at very high temperatures.

Bering sapphire crystal for watches

The sapphire crystal is particularly hard, crystal clear and scratch-resistant. This is what “scratch-free” really means. Bering is so confident that your watch won’t get a single scratch, they give an international guarantee of 3 years. 

Bering watch for women

What does this say about Bering watches?

Bering watches are well-designed, sturdy and reliable. They are the kind of timepieces that become family heirlooms and get passed down through generations. When you buy a Bering watch, you’re buying a timepiece that will last you a lifetime.


At Time Machine Plus, we’re committed to providing you with a selection of vetted watch brands. These brands manufacture the best men’s and women’s watches on the planet. 

 Did you like any of the watches on this post? Take a look at our collection and find out if a Bering timepiece is right for you.

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