The best watch for your dad this father’s day


Timeless, practical, and sophisticated, a watch is a perfect gift for every father. And there are several styles available to suit every budget.

With Father's Day coming up on June 20, 2021, gifting a watch is a thoughtful gesture that’s always guaranteed to delight. From sporty watches to classic, sleek designs, there’s plenty of watches for every style preference and necessity. Functional yet adding a touch of style to every look, watches are the perfect everyday accessory.

How to choose the perfect watch for your father

Choosing the right watch can sometimes be a challenge. The variety of luxury watches is vast, as is the price range. So how do you find the perfect watch for your father? It might help if you can find out your father's favorite watch brand if he has one. If he doesn't, you can ask family members for advice. You can also base your decision on what clothes your father likes to wear. For example, if he often wears brown leather shoes, you can choose a watch with a brown leather strap. If your father's favorite shirt is red, why not choose a watch with red color accents.


Which watch for which type of father?

To assist you in navigating through the numerous brands and models of watches, we would like to use different archetypes of fathers to help you create a shortlist of watches for your present.



The handyman

His wristwatch should be just as impressive, robust, and high-quality as his tools and the fruits of his labor. A watch from the Casio G-Shock collection guarantees not only perfect functionality and impressive history of innovation, but depending on the model, enough variety visually to ensure you find the perfect model for your father. Casio G-Shock Watches are known for their incredible durability. Known by watch collectors around the world as "The Unbreakable Watch," Casio G-Shock Watches are made to withstand the toughest conditions for years to come.

 ErnstBenz GC10111 Men's 47mm Automatic ChronoScope Watch

The man of fine taste

For luxury watch manufacturers, quality is naturally the highest priority. However, opinions differ greatly when it comes to aspects of design. A notable brand for ambitious and fashionable fathers is Ernst Benz. Ernest Benz timepieces are designed, developed, and produced in Switzerland, a land forever associated with precision, creativity, and talented artisans dedicated to maintaining their unrivaled watchmaking traditions.


The technology enthusiast

If your father is open to modern technology and digital innovations and doesn't think of the neighbor’s Labrador when he hears the name "Alexa,” surprise him with a watch from Rado. Rado is a globally recognized Swiss watch brand, famous for its innovative design and its use of revolutionary materials to create some of the world’s most recognizable and durable watches.

rado watches for dad


Find the best watches for Father's day at TimeMachinePlus

Naturally, these father archetypes only serve as rough and exaggerated descriptions of the person who accompanies us on our path to adulthood and beyond. You know your dad best and will know what he likes and what will suit him best.

If you are still unsure and looking for more inspiration, visit and browse the TimeMachinePlus online shop. We are sure to have the right gift in stock for the man you proudly call Dad

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