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Timing For Champions

Assembled by master watch makers, engineered for champions: for more than 130 years, Edox watches have combined ultimate precision with ingenious solutions – even for the most demanding activities: be it above or below the water surface, in the eternal ice or even on glowing desert sand, any timing instrument from Edox carrying the legendary hourglass logo will meet even the highest demands of its owner. One of the reasons and at the same time one of Edox strength lies in the construction and build quality of our watch cases: from additional case-backs, ultra-complex cases to patented crown seals and guards, Edox has truly mastered the art of bringing together function and design. Or in other words: engineering a watch case consisting of up to 20 single components is probably the best proof of how serious we are when it comes to accomplishing perfection in every detail. Which means that as an owner of an Edox you will ultimately benefit from more robustness, quality and increased comfort.

Hand-Assembled With Care And Attention

All the components of your watch have been manufactured using high-quality materials and subjected to rigorous testing at the Edox factory. However, superior quality also needs maintenance. Treat your Edox watch with care and attention, and you will be rewarded with precision timekeeping. is a proud Online Authorized Retailer of Edox Swiss Made Watches for Men and Women. Each Edox Swiss Made Watch available on is brand-new, hand-assembled, directly from Edox and includes a 2-Year Edox International Backed Warranty.  

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