Family-owned since 2013, TimeMachinePlus.com was started by two watch enthusiasts (Shabbir (Dad) & Komail (Son)) to fulfill their dream of owning an honest eCommerce company focused on curating the best wrist statements (aka watches) in the world. They wanted to create an eCommerce company where all their products come direct from the manufacturers so they can offer each customer the absolute best service at a fair and affordable price. Due to their unprecedented commitment to customer service, fast-shipping and free US shipping, and direct relationships with over 40+ of the top watch brands in the world--TimeMachinePlus.com is one of the fastest-growing eCommerce sites in the watch industry today. Come see why so many happy customers love coming back to us. 





Who better to service your new watch then the actual people that manufactured them? The reason our family started TimeMachinePlus.com is so that we can ensure each and every customer we serve has the piece of mind knowing their watch is backed by the same people that manufactured them. So rest assured, your watch from us will ALWAYS be 100% AUTHENTIC and include a manufacturer’s backed warranty which usually lasts between 1 to 5 years (depending on the brand).

How do the other guys get their watches?

Honestly, the manufactures' we have relationships with have no idea how some of these grey market or “to good to be true” pricing eCommerce watch retailers get their watches. Some theories in the watch industry include: overseas distributers in South America, Asia and the Middle East, fake/replicas from China, inventory buyouts from out of business retail outlets, or maybe even some guy with a shop in Mexico—who really knows! Remember, be cautious of these eCommerce sites because buying a watch from them doesn’t guarantee authenticity. Further, each manufacturer will not uphold or stand by the watches’ warranty in case of any mechanical issues after the purchase of the watch, unless it was purchased by an authorized retailer, like TimeMachinePlus.com. This is why it’s important to always purchase from an authorized and trusted online retailer.  


  1. Deliver the highest-quality watches direct from the manufacturer with MANUFACTURER BACKED WARRANTY.
  2. Provide FREE US SHIPPING, always.
  3. Ship fast and quick to our customers. We're committed to SHIP ALL ORDERS IN 24-HOURS or less.
  4. Exceed our customer's expectations every time. Take a look at our feedback on eBay.
  5. Make every watch we sell a statement.
  6. Create a local experience with excellent and PROMPT CUSTOMER SERVICE


Shabbir Mithani - CEO

Shabbir's vision to create a unique retail watch company is the driving force behind Time Machine Plus. He's responsible for overseeing the vast collection of watches on the site and ensures each watch meets the Time Machine Plus standard. He serves as the CEO and Founder of the company.

Komail Mithani - CMO

Komail, Shabbir's son, is an entrepreneur that graduated from The University of Texas at Austin. He is responsible for overseeing the marketing and business development for the company, driving new customers and sales daily. To learn more about him, visit his blog.