Men's Wrist Statements

Over the years, a timepiece has become more than just a fashion accessory that tracks the minutes of every day. A timepiece is a personification of your personality and lifestyle—it’s in fact a statement you make for yourself for others to take notice. Just like the car you have parked in your garage or the clothes you have on your body, a timepiece tells your story, and is just as important to have.

That’s why we created We've organized our selection of watches into five distinct categories of wrist statements for Men. Choose the statement that best matches your personality and find your next time piece. 

Top Dog Wrist Statements

If you’re the guy that always sits at the head of the table, buys the largest steak on the menu and has all the upgrades to your one of a kind luxury car—then the Top Dog time pieces are wrist statements made for you. The Top Dog is the guy that considers quality over price every time he makes a purchase and knows that to be the best you have to look and feel like the best---which he already knows he is. The Top Dog is the ultimate alpha male and we’ve matched these timepieces for him.

Explorer/Adventure Seeker Wrist Statements

If you’re the guy that loves the outdoors, enjoys the weekends being active outside or loves to go on adventures with friends or your significant other—then the Explorer/Adventure Seeker timepieces are the wrist statements for you. The Explorer/Adventure Seeker is the guy that admires the beauties outside of his home. If it involves being outside or traveling to new places—he’s usually the first one on board. He demands a watch that will keep up with his active lifestyle, no matter where he ends up next.

Professional Gentlemen Wrist Statements

If you’re the 9-5 guy that takes his job as serious as his outfit, but still has time for adult fun after a long hard day—then the Professional Gentlemen timepieces are the wrist statements for you. This guy is a career-minded individual from Monday through Friday, but a socially dynamic individual on the weekends who understands a good work/life balance. He wants a timepiece that he can take from work to a happy hour that’s stylish and versatile—just like him.

Conversation Starter Wrist Statements

Do we really need to explain this wrist statement guys? If you want a unique piece of eye-candy on your wrist that attracts more than just—“hey can you tell me the time?”—then these timepieces are especially for you. Whether you want a conversation starter to happen at work, happy hour or a night out with friends—there will always be someone eyeing your timepiece to spark a conversation.

Watch Addict Wrist Statements

Pretty simple, if you love watches as much as we do, these statements are for you. No matter the occasion, these watches are a great addition to your growing watch collection. A few watches just isn’t enough for you, so that’s why we created to keep your collection growing and fresh.