Lytt Labs Watches


Here to do things differently.

Lytt Labs was conceived to provide a unique and forward thinking approach to watch making, ensuring that our pieces are both provoking and interesting.



No illustrious history, nor tradition that dates back decades and centuries. We are not bound by heritage or the confinements of classic watch making.


Our creations are inspired by urban environments, with our design concepts taking from elements in everyday modern surroundings to ensure a truly contemporary timepiece. From the cushion shaped casing to the vibrant anodized indicators and rotating discs in the Inception, our products are a reflection of new age thinking and lifestyles that bring to life details such as volume, shape, colour, contrast and of course, light & reflections.


Bringing a wealth of experience, ideas and creativity to the Labs our founding team have been avid collectors and watch aficionados for many years. In recent times, an expertise and passion in production came to the fore, working with some of the worlds largest brands. A desire to collect, transformed into an appetite to create, and thus Lytt Labs was born. This brings a midas touch to the brand; it's one thing to know what a great watch is and how it should look and feel, but it's a whole other world to be able to understand the techniques, processes and innovation, needed to produce such a piece.
We have both.