Rado True Thinline Les Couleurs Le Corbusier Watches

Inspired by the enduring, relevant and significant colour theory created by Le Corbusier in 1931 and 1959, this True Thinline collection celebrates the Architectural Polychromy. Still used by designers and architects all around the world, only Rado can produce these colours in high-tech ceramic. These watches are light, slim, scratch-resistant, hypoallergenic and bursting with vivid and vibrant colour energy.

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Rado has produced a unique palette of nine limited edition watches in full high-tech ceramic. Each represents one of the colours from the nine groups in the Le Corbusier palette. Each features the breakthrough technology of the Rado injected hightech ceramic monobloc case which has revolutionised traditional watchmaking.

Le Corbusier is considered one of the most important architects and designers of modern times and established many of the ideas we have about modernity in general. Born in the heart of Swiss watchmaking country, he was known as a master of materials. He is also widely remembered for his groundbreaking theory of colour, which led to the development of an architectural colour palette. It offers 63 shades that Le Corbusier created in two separate collections which he arranged into nine groups. 

First introduced in 1931 and extended in 1959, the Le Corbusier colours were identified by the great designer as being eminently architectural, naturally harmonious and able to be combined in any way. Each colour in the palette has a relevance and embodies specific spatial and human effects which played an important role in Le Corbusier’s work.

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